"WILDFLOWER GARDEN" The story behind the image:

While doing an Art show in Portside Michigan, on the shore of Lake Charlevoiux I had the good fortune to find accommodations in

a very quaint B&B about 5 miles out in the country ,so it was a rather short commute from the show to the B&B for my evenings lodgings.

In the backyard of the B&B was a quintessential wildflower garden which contained every type of wildflower imaginable. Early one morning,

before breakfast was served , I took my pentax and a roll of 35mm slide film and waded into the garden to take a few shots in the hopes

of obtaining some photos that could be used as reference for future paintings. Keep in mind that this was mid August and the weather

was typically hot and muggy...........perfect mosquito weather. As I fired off shot after shot, it became apparent that I was under attack

and of course I had not sprayed myself before hand with Off or any other form of mosquito spray, so the scent of man really drew the

little critters out of the surrounding woods and garden. Soon it became apparent that I was in real trouble. Northern Michigan mosquitos

are not only large, but they are relentless when they get the scent. I had no choice.........I had to flee the premises....but I got the shot

that I wanted and this painting is the result. This image was painted in Adobe Photoshop entirely on computer, using the photograph

as visual reference material. Close examination (which is difficult at 72 dpi resolution on a computer) reveals that the gray border is

constructed of a pattern of mosquitos zooming toward the central image of the garden. It is an offset lithograph printed on semi gloss cover

stock, and the image size is 6"-8". I will send you one FREE....all you have to do is click here and me and give me your address and.

its a done deal. No kidding.... this is really FREE Art!